Movie Industry Secretly Hides the Anti-Piracy Messages in ‘Pirate’ subtitles

In a Belgian Movie sector, the Members those who are in movie sector have found one of the brilliant innovative ways for how to deliver the anti-piracy messages to the public those who are watching the pirated movies and will be decided to show the messages in a playful manner. One day, the fans are watching one of the famous films like “The Hitman’s Bodyguard“. During the time of playing the movie, some of the unofficial subtitles are suddenly showed and also some of the unexpected twists are present in the story which is not owned by that movie. The fans are getting shocked while receiving these types of contents will be shown on the screen. The Person called Samuel L. Jackson has been suddenly taking an interest in the movie piracy and potentially sub-standard sources available in the movie.

Nowadays so many Anti-piracy campaigns are coming out slowly and will be ready in all shapes and also the sizes, and it should be very optimistic for the educational. Actually, it becomes very rare to be labeled as brilliant but the campaign just revealed in the Belgium city will surely hit really close to the mark.

movie piracy in subtitles

The Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA) has been announced that Belgian Federation of Cinemas combines together with the film producers and also the film distributors, directors. The new campaign will be coming to target those who can download the contents which are present in the upcoming movies from the illegal way such as Pirate the content from the non-releasing movies. It is purely innovative and surely will manage the anti-piracy and can easily avoid and control the illegal activities done hereafter.

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The Locals decided to think as a premise to download the English language movies and they can include some of the extra contents with their local language subtitles and then it will be hatched. Some of the movie companies are decided to damage the pirated contents with their own message instead of preaching videos available on the YouTube.

The movie companies say that the viewer doesn’t feel so happy to access the movie in an illegal way. Some of them can realize the fact will get real quality movies available from the illegal sources.

Gert Pauwels, He is an Innovative director of the famous communication agency TBWA. He obviously says that we have to protect our creative works in an efficient manner that will be a very important duty for us. This way surely helps to tackle the situation coming with Illegal downloads of our movie.

Nowadays, Movie companies are always welcoming the innovative campaign for anti-piracy actions. It will be more useful for the companies those who really produce an innovative movie in the film industry.

Now, Dutch Film Works has recently get permission from the Dutch Data Authority for closely monitoring the pirates. Once the IP Address get trapped then establish a contact with the particular IP and offering the cash settlement for them which will make the case may be disappeared.

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