Can Mobdro kill Kodi in 2018?

This year has been hard for kodi. Lots of copyright strikes from the leaders of the streaming industry. And unfortunately, lots of repositories had shut down due to the strikes. And soon after the strike, kodi 18 Leia alpha version has been released. And unfortunately, it faces lots of criticism. And it is not a stable version. And this year lots of kodi repo has shut down, not only due to the strikes but lots of developers had closed their own repositories. If you are a new user, you can refer the guide by for installation.

Some of the best developers have been targeted individually. With no other way, they left the kodi community. Or at the very minimum, they disabled their addons. This is one of the black years for kodi. In spite of all these troubles, a new streaming application called mobdro has evolved and started providing the best to the user. So it became the rival of Kodi. Now Kodi is losing its users and mobdro is gaining the user base. If this continues, it will affect the popularity and user base of the kodi to the bigger scale.

Can Mobdro kill Kodi in 2018?

The time is changing fast. Kodi can stream most of the commercial content for free. So the owners of the commercial content are targeting kodi. When compared to the other program, Kodi is a completely free software capable of streaming most of the content. Even the mobdro has a premium version. But kodi is completely free.

It is true that kodi is losing its members, but still, kodi has overwhelming advantages when compared to other streaming application. Unlike other streaming application, kodi is completely free. And it is developed as a hobby and a user won’t be charged even in the future. That is the main reason why other streaming services are targetting kodi.

When you compare the scope of kodi with mobdro, kodi has a much larger community and scope. Kodi provides support across various devices, almost all devices. On the other hand, mobdro supports only apk or android based devices. So mobdro got a long way before it can kill kodi.

If you are judging both of them with the performance, then it might be a tough competition. On the past year, kodi is unbeatable. But due to the recent strike, lots of Kodi’s best addons were removed. So if you compare the current performance fo the kodi with mobdro, they might get a tie. Well, seeing the room for improvement in both of them. Both of these applications are undoubtfully good.

If you are comparing both of them with the user experience, mobdro can beat kodi. Mobdro is designed as simple as possible. For a new user, kodi is a bit complicated. But mobdro is a piece of cake. Well, that’s all about kodi and mobdro. Do you still think Mobdro kill Kodi in 2018? Comment your point of view.

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