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How To Counter Fighting Type Pokemon

All Pokemon types in Pokemon Go have their own moves that are assigned to attack certain types. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense. In this article, we’ve provided the attack and defense of fighting type pokemon to counter in your gameplay. If you wish to counter the fighting type Pokemon, then you are at the right spot. Just keep reading ahead.

fighting type pokemon

Fighting-type Pokemons are generally weak to the pokemon types like Fairy, Psychic, and Flying. Below are weaknesses for the fighting type pokemon while battling with the combo of other types of Pokemon. By knowing their weakness, you can easily counter your fighting-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type with Psychic-type:

Mega Mewtwo X, Meditite family, Mega Medicham, Gallade, and Mega Gallade are some of the fighting type pokemon that are immune to the Psychic attack. Hence, they are not now weak to the Psychic-type.  Instead, they are weak to Ghost-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type with Steel-type:

Zamazenta, Cobalion, Lucario, and Mega Lucario are fighting pokemon with steel-type. Some think that Flying, Psychic, and Fairy will hurt the fighting time. It is absolutely wrong when they have more effectiveness. They are weaker to the Ground, Fire, and Fighting types. However, they are immune to Poison-ty[e Pokemon. 

Fighting-type with Dark-type:

The Scraggy family, Pangoro, and Urshifu are the Pokemons that are the fighting-type pokemon that are immune to the Dark-type Pokemon. These Pokemons are weak to Fairy and Fighting-type as well.

Fighting-type with Flying-type:

Hawlucha. This Pokemon type is weak to Ice and Electric-type and immune to Ground-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type with Ice-type:

Crambominable. It is weak to the types like Steel, Fighting, and Fire-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type with Ghost-type:

Marshadow. It is weak to Ghost and immune to the normal and fighting-type pokemon.

Fighting-type with Water-type:

Poliwrath and Keldeo. This fighting-type pokemon is weak to electric and grass-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type with Bug-type:

Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Heracross, and Mega Heracross. These Pokemons are weak to Fire and Flying-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type with Fire-type:

Monferno & Infernape, Combusken & Blaziken, Pignite & Emboar. They are immune to Fairy and weak to Water and Ground-type.

Fighting-type with Normal-type:

Meloetta, Mega Loppuny, and Stufful Family. These are immune to Ghost-type and weak to fighting-type.

Fighting-type with Poison-type:

Croagunk family. Weak to Psychic and Ground-type pokemon and immune to Fairy attacks.

Fighting-type with Rock-type:

Terrakion. It is weak to Flying, Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, and Steel types. 

Fighting-type with Grass-type:

Virizion and Chesnaught. They are weak to Fire, Poison, Flying, and Ice-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type with Dragon-type:

Hakamo-o and Kommo-o. This fighting-type pokemon is weak to Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type moves.

Final thoughts

If you are the one who really wishes to counter fighting-type pokemon, the above-mentioned list will help you with it. Make use of the above weakness chart and be a star in your battling arena. Good Luck!