Popular Dragon Kodi Box has been sued by Netflix, Amazon & Hollywood

Some of the major Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix have filed a new case against the Dragon Media Inc. They are also pointing out the Dragon Box Device has a wide supplier of the pirate streaming devices. The companies can accuse the Dragon of using the Kodi media player in some combination with the sum of pirated addons which are available in the Kodi will ease the mass copyright infringement by using its own Dragon Box device.

dragon box

Nowadays, Most of the people are started to use only the Kodi-powered set-top boxes to the stream video content in their TV’s itself. Nowadays, Most of the people are started to use only the Kodi-powered set-top boxes to the stream video content in their TV’s itself. While the Kodi acts as an independent platform, some of the sellers those who have their own devices contains with most of the unauthorized add-ons. As a result, it gives the bad name for the Kodi. The Complaint can be further points out that the Dragon Box Device uses the Open Source Kodi Player and it is paired with the pirated addons.

Recently, these boxes will decide to set the mass target only for the copyright infringements and they are getting an alliance with the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), and also signing with the anti-piracy partnership between Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and some more companies.

To know more aboout Kodi Piracy and Addon Predictions

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) clearly says that the Dragon Box devices don’t hold any innovative contents and always hold only the pirated contents. It always allows the buyers to stream the copyright infringing content. It obviously applicable to the Dragon Box Device.

The movie companies clearly noticed that against the Dragon Box Device will distribute the pirated tools by using the message as Watch your Favourites Anytime for free and will stop paying for Netflix and Hulu for your favourite movies.

The Movie companies again say that Dragon Media Device provides the Most popular addons with the access of infringing the content present in that addon for free of cost. Some of these addons are developed and maintained only for the illegal source of copyrighted contents and also providing the link in that content. When the user can click the link, that time they can receive the unwanted popular Movies and Popular TV Shows.

Christoforo, The owner of Dragon explained that the business is going very well. The Dragon Box company will have more than 250,000 customers around 50 states and among the 4 countries and we are still growing and also we are having the 374 sellers across the world.

Finally, the Movie Companies will ask the California District for a permanent injunction to close the infringing service which can be provided by all Dragon Box devices. In addition to that, they are also demanding the statutory damages which are up to several million dollars.

As a result, In future, the Dragon Company will become uncertain and will face a very big loss due to the illegal activities constantly made by them.

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