Kodi Addon Repo Operator Shuts Down Following Threats from BREIN

BREIN is a Dutch-based association for the Protection of Rights of Entertainment Industry, made a threat to the developer and administrator of Kodi addon to shut down its XvBMC-NL repository. BREIN accused its operator of facilitating the access to infringing content. As a result, he is now made to sign an abstention agreement with a settlement of 2500 euros.

The case is all about to prevent the unauthorized content getting in the hands of masses are ongoing, Kodi stands as a leading platform for such uses. Their network had multiple 3rd party addons including Sportsdevil kodi addon.

Besides, its official download platform is completely legal, the software can be easily modified and it can be used to access the pirated Sports, Movies and Live streams. This resulted in, enforcement of a law which states that The usage of such setup to infringe copyrights is considered to be illegal in Europe.

With this implementation, the anti-piracy outfit BREIN has set its focus on this platform(Kodi) and started to target the add-ons which offer pirated content in the Netherland. XvBMC-NL, a repo which contains add-ons like Covenant and IPTV Bonanza, was one among them.

In accordance to the report of BREIN, the Bailiffs sent by the anti-piracy group visited the developer and administrator of XvBMC-NL last month without any prior intimation. BREIN hasn’t mentioned any significant contents of its message to ‘Z’ recognized but its apparent and stated that his works are considered to be illegal and contrary to the copyrights law. It intended the developer to shut down soon after.

BREIN explained that by the end of July, the developer and administrator Z stopped his Kodi repository, XvBMC-NL after the delivery of a summons by bailiff form BREIN to his home address.

The Github and Facebook website (relating to XvBMC-NL) stated that the closure in ‘on the command of the BREIN’. The developer is subjected to an infringement, as his repository contained add-ons which lead to the access of illegal content of movies, series, subscription channels (which includes IPTV Bonanza and Covenant), documentaries and music.

XvBMC-NL’s Facebook webpage is down and its Github repository carries no point out of BREIN, at the time of composing.

‘XvBMC Netherlands’ has come to a decision that this web page has to be shut down and has to lock it (as of 26-07-2018). Also the ‘XvBMC Repository’ is also offline, or emptied so that it will no longer be usable,” it reads.

They retained the repo in order to prevent hijacking it in and under our identity, to prevent the possible abuses.

Based on the obtained cached copy from the Google, the repo’s Github page indicated that it had been shut down on the command of BREIN action. While there is no interruption of BREIN.

BREIN writes that The Court of Justice of the EU ruled in its Filmspeler judgment of 26 April 2017, that provision of pre-programmed software like Kodi with add-ons will be subjected to copyrights infringement if it provides access to pirated content on the Internet.

XvBMC repository case is based on this, as it allows the users to stream links and channels illegally. While XvBMC repository now appears to be shut down, the BREIN isn’t quite yet. It also wants the Z to sign an abstention agreement and pay a cash of 2,500 euros as a settlement. If this settlement is not done, BREIN stated that it will launch legal action against Z with a view to recovering all its costs.

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