Kodi Piracy and Addon Predictions & Gossips of 2018

In the year 2017, many ways the Kodi addon scene was one of the most turbulent. One of the former operators of Ares Project is now available with us and the group behind the popular Ares Wizard, which completely closes the recently following legal threats. He shares his thought about how the Kodi present in the year 2018.

During the year 2017, The Team Kodi and its third-party add-ons have been hit the headlines in hundreds of times. A massive deal is committed throughout the year and all the copyright holders have been decided to take action against cracking down the add-ons such as TVAddons, ZemTV, and add-ons which are offered by jsergio123 and The Alpha.

Bell Canada, TVA, Videotron, and Rogers are gathered to file a case for Kodi addon repository TVAddons, TorrentFreak can reveal. The case mainly targets the operators of TV Add-ons for the alleged unlawful distribution of Kodi software add-ons. This process has revealed some of the most shocking trespasses of power ever seen in an online copyright infringement case.

After the Dish Network filed a new case against the TVAddons in Texas court. As a result, So many Kodi addons took the decision to close it. After that, the TVAddons also went offline.

The Famous publication ‘TorrentFreak’ can now reveal about the shutdown process of TVAddons and holds nothing to do with the US action and everything to do with a separate case filed in Canada.

The problems continued by the Ares Project in the month of November and the team which behind the very popular Ares Wizard and Kodi repository, throw in the towel after being threatened by the MPA-led anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment.

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The combined power of Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Warner, Netflix, Amazon, and Sky TV was actually too big and leading to the Ares Project leader Tekto closes everything down.

Shani is one of the developers of the popular Kodi-addon called ZemTV and he is asking the public for help. So that, he can be filed a new case by the American satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network. He is getting very stressful for a proper defence is needed to avoid a bad precedent coming from the others. They can fight against the little guy and also they are trying to make something illegal that should not be illegal.

In the previous year, American satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network are combined together and planned to target the two well-known players in the third-party Kodi add-on ecosystems.

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