German Court Warns Parents to Stop their Kids from Torrenting

The German court has made a rule which made a huge impact on the parents. The Rules says that the parents must identify their child for what they are doing in a torrent and the parents are the only responsible for their kids to download a file in the torrent or they will be responsible for the violation happened by their child.

In German, an 11-year old son downloading the illegal games in the torrent site and the German court says that the parent is liable for that violation. Because they don’t teach about the torrents for their children. But the father told that I am thinking as my child is using the computer for his school purpose only. But the court ruled that this was not a proper anti-piracy instruction.

The Judge writes that for proper parental supervision, it is mandatory for all parents to instruct a child on the illegal participation in the illegal file-sharing exchanges and to explicitly prohibit this behavior.

The German court strictly indicates that the father behavior as Negligent and he doesn’t take any responsibility for his child for doing these illegal activities.

These developments have been added to the ongoing complexities of the German approach to determining how the law will handle the new issues that have been arising from the widespread use of the internet users.

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Among the other countries, Germany is considered to be one of the best countries in the world for the internet freedom and also protecting the privacy policies severely. It is also very strict when it comes to the enforcement of copyright. It is one of the best way for copyright trolls those who can take the advantage of timid users.

However, according to the court’s verdict, this doesn’t count as an adequate instruction since it lacks a specific explanation as to what illegal downloads are.

Some of the recent cases have been defining that how German country legal system will handle the parents who claim to have not been involved in any illegal file-sharing but are being pursued by the copyright claimants.

The illegal downloading of Rihanna’s 2011 album Loud is one of the recent cases in Germany and the Universal Music Group claims a compensation for it. The parents received the notice from the Universal Music Group which indicates that demands payment. Actually, the parents don’t know about the Rihanna’s 2011 album. But one of his third children was downloading this album in an illegal way. So the parents are only responsible for their children activity.

Anyhow, the verdict of the court decided that to hold the father liable. Although it is not uncommon for all the parents to be held responsible for the actions made by their children and the court specifically referenced a lack of anti-piracy education.

As a result, the man was feeling guilty and he must pay the compensation 956 euros in damages and also the legal costs. Still, he has an option to appeal this case to a higher court.

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