Roku warns its users not to trust the “Non-Certified Channels”

Roku, Inc. is an American based public trading company based which is situated in Los Gatos, California. Roku is basically a media streaming software and it manufactures a variety of streaming players that allow customers to access Internet-streamed video or audio services through the televisions.

The Roku is a media streaming player and it begins to crack down more than 1000 private channels which have been distributed as a pirated content.

TechCrunch has been reported that the feature originally intended to allow the developers to test their channels ahead of submission to Roku’s channel store.

After coming out of so many reports to the Roku, Inc. then the team of Roku has been decided to display the warning messages to the users when they add a private channel on their Roku Device.

For the past weeks, Roku begins to display the warning message to the users those who install a private channel on their Roku Device.

As a result, when a user tries to add an untrusted or non-certified channel, then they have been alerted through the warning message that these channels have to abide by Roku’s terms and it distributes only the legal contents. The notice also informs the users that if Roku finds out the channel will violating the copyright, the company surely will remove this channel without any proper notice.

roku warns users

There are over 1000 private channels that are available in the Roku Device and all are in a good working condition. Not all are the Illegal contents. In this, some are the adult channels, and some are to be tested one.

Taking down the list of channels is nothing new for Roku. If it has been found to be a channel is violating the copyright then it will take action which includes to remove or disables the channel. Roku also operating a separate portal for reporting while the copyright violations are made, and it also removed many private streaming channels.

Someone asked Roku, How many private channels it has kicked out to date, But the Company doesn’t say anything to that question also not interested to share the numbers.

The Warning message which has been displayed in Roku device as “This is a non-certified channel“.

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If the user wishes to continue with the non-certified channel on their Roku device, if the Roku finds that it contains the illegal contents or any inappropriate terms then it will be removed by the Roku Team because of violating the terms and conditions present in the Roku Device.

The users of the popular media player Roku will receive the warning messages when they try to install any third party channels which are not available officially on the Roku device.

Sometimes, the third party channels are permitted to use it on the Roku device. But Copyright infringing channels are strictly prohibited by the Roku. When the user trying to install any copyright infringing channels then it will be removed at any time while the Roku determines it as an inappropriate or any illegal contents available in it.

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