TVAddons Plans something big to ditch the streaming piracy issues

A few months ago, TVAddons was under the big trouble of two copyright infringement cases. In spite the legal trouble and a disaster domain seizure, it came back to serve millions of people. Now that the dust has settled somewhat, the site also plans to ditch the proactive add-ons vetting process that are currently in place.


After some years, this year TVAddons will became a poster child for the entertainment industry’s war because of an illegal streaming devices.

The leading repository hosting unofficial Kodi add-ons was filed a new case for the copyright infringement in the United States by satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network. At the same time, a similar case was filed by Bell, TVA, Videotron, and Rogers in Canada.

Later this case has done the most damage. It causes the add-on repository to lose its domain names and also the social media accounts. As a result, the site will becomes dead and while many believed it would never return and it made a blazing comeback after a few weeks.

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Since the original domain was seized, the site will be returned on to And that was not the only difference. A lot of old add-ons was become unclear if they linked to the licensed content and will no longer be listed in the repository.

TVAddons are previously believed on the DMCA to protect it from the liability but obviously, that was not enough. As a result, they have decided to take the tuff decision to check all submitted add-ons carefully.

Since complying with the law is clearly not enough to prevent legal action from being taken against you. A TVAddons representative told us previously, we have been forced to implement a more drastic code vetting process.

While the absence of most used kodi addons, the repository has been managed to regain its old users. In the last month, TVAddons had over 12 million unique users. These are all manually installed the new repository on their devices.

One of the interesting thing is the vast majority of all TVAddons traffic comes from the United States. The UK is in second position with a respectable distance and followed by Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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TVAddons has a plan to return to the old submission model where the developers can upload their code freely. Instead of proactive screening, TVAddons will undergo a standard DMCA takedown policy, based on copyright holders to flag the potentially infringing contents.

The upcoming change will not mean that the TVAddons will ignore its legal requirements. If they receive a legitimate takedown notice, proper action will be taken always. As such, they can operate in the same fashion as other user-generated sites.

While some copyright holders, including those who are fighting for the service in court, will not like any changes and the TVAddons believes that this is good within their rights and also having a support from the groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, they don’t stand alone in it.

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